A virtual dataroom (VDR) is an application that permits users to share secure documents. It is frequently used in M&A due-diligence. It also assists with other projects that require copious amounts of document exchanges like real estate transactions and investment management. The ideal VDR service for your business and project depends on the needs of both. Here are some of the crucial factors to take into consideration:


A reliable VDR is compatible with all major operating systems and devices. It will be easy to use and will include a variety of useful features. There are additional features like instant messaging, a dashboard, and the ability to edit Excel or Word documents within the platform. A secure fence view is another handy function that blacks out parts of a file so that personally-identifiable information remains private.

Permission settings are also an important aspect to look out for. You should be able to assign viewing or printing permissions, as well as downloading permissions to each file. You should be able monitor the activity with detailed reports and insights.

The top VDRs will provide you with professional technical assistance. This is incredibly valuable when you’re trying to manage multiple projects and deadlines. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing M&A due diligence or simply trying to conclude the deal it’s important not to be caught off guard by an issue with your technology that could impede the transaction. It’s essential to inquire whether the vendor provides phone assistance, and how friendly and knowledgeable their agents are.

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